Jan 042014

This year I feel a call to simplify.  To ease the burden of constant rush here and there.  To do what I love, for and with people I love, and capture God’s greatest love in images.   Back to the root of why I picked up a camera to begin with.

I was thinking the other day about the first camera I had, a small point and shoot.  I can remember going into my back yard and setting up little scenes, blades of grace, strange bugs.  I remember shooting into the sun to see what would happen, close up to the tree bark and marvel at the texture.   Then my husband bought me an upgrade, a camera whose lenses I could change, Wow, I was thrilled.  And that began my photography adventure.

I have over the years homed in my skills a little, I am always learning, and I do love doing it.  I have had the honor to capture so many amazing moments in the lives of so many.  I have captured joy, sorrow, new, old and everything in between.  I ventured out with Kelly to include the life events of school and sports photography.  All of which brings a measure of joy and satisfaction.

I believe with my whole heart that photographs are priceless, and that setting the time aside to have someone capture your family moments is indeed worth more than any of us could afford.  Truth of the matter, when a loved one is gone from their early flesh, or time has slipped away and now you are looking at your grown child, or a marriage is celebrating half a century, or a beautiful soul is baptized and risen to new life, I could go on and on, you get my point.  These moments are indescribably precious and once they are gone they are gone.  The only thing potentially left is the memory, which for me seems harder to hold as time goes by, and hopeful an image captured in time in a photo.

I know there are many of you who would love to have a professional photographer capture those moments for you.  So this year I am going to make that easier and more affordable for you.  You …. God’s greatest love.. His treasure .. you.

I am no longer going to print images, I am going to minimize my cost so I can minimize your cost.   There are many great online labs out there now that offer great products and services.

2014 Pricing

PHOTO SESSION LOCATION:  Myrtle Beach and surrounding areas.  I will talk with you prior to determine your style and we will pick a beautiful natural light location together. I no longer offer studio photography.

SESSION FEE INCLUDES:  1 hour of photography; travel time within 45 minutes from my home; editing and image preparation; Rights to the images.  You will also receive any candid shot moments on your CD.


Family up to 5 People – $200  ****  Family up to 8 People – $275 **** Family up to 10 People – $300 ****Over 10 people add additional $10 per person in the shoot.

Family choice for location within 1 hour of me.  Session includes approximately 1 hour of photography.  A pre-session call to determine style and location.  30-50 digital files with release.  Prints arrive 2 weeks after session.

NEWBORN:  $300

Included 2 – 3 hours of photography.  Time allotted for babies needs.   This session is best done within 7 days of babies birth. A pre-session call to determine style and location.  30-50 digital files with release.  Basic editing included.  Prints arrive 2 weeks after session. Candid shots included.


We pick up to two  locations  within 45 minutes drive time.  Session includes approximately 1 hour of photography.  A pre-session call to determine style and location.  30-50 digital files with release.  Prints arrive 2 weeks after session. Candid shots included.


I love working with seniors, this is one of my favorite things to do.  We pick up to two  locations  within 1 hour of me.  Session includes approximately 2  hours of photography.  Up to 3 outfit changes.  A pre-session call to determine style and location.  30-50 digital files with release.  Prints arrive 2 weeks after session. Candid shots included.

** Add professional hair and makeup for an additional $100.00.


This is a fun way to hang out with friends and family.  Gather up to 4 families together.  We plan a two hour window.  Each family gets 30 minutes of time with me, 20-30 digital images, copyright release.  Each family pays $150.  You as the hostess of the party will get a full hour of photography and a 11×14 printed image of your choice.  Now that’s a great deal.  If I were you I would then have a cook out and game night since you have everyone there anyway.  Contact me for more details.

WEDDINGS: Engagement, wedding Day, Bridal Portraits

Please contact me to discuss these packages.  I have options starting at $1200.  I would be glad to go over this with you.  All wedding packages include all digital files.   I can also give you some great resources for affordable building your own albums and places to print great products.

**I will always have the option for my clients for me to do the printing for you but I will also share great resources for you to print your own images.  All pricing above is just for photography time, editing, and digital images.   You will have a release to print and share on the internet at will.


I think what sets me apart from other photographers might be my ability to capture emotion in a moment even on what would be a regular family session.  I wait for them, I watch for them, and without fail those moments happen because people are relating to each other.   I prefer to shoot in natural light because I think what God has created is so much better than anything I could do with all the fancy lighting in the world.  I enjoy playing with light, finding great angles.  I love the soft wisps of an eyelash and the interlaced fingers of loved ones.  I just see the details and I love every one of them.

LOCATIONS:  I know that everyone sees all the cool stuff great photographers are doing.  When you are thinking about where you would like your shoot, keep your eyes open as you drive around town.  Think about what you want to see on your wall, in your albums.  Trains, barns, beautiful woods, corn fields, wild flowers.  I am not opposed to calling anyone and asking permission to use their property.  So dream, be creative and we will together find the perfect place.

DESTINATION PHOTOGRAPHY:  I have and do travel often for photography.  Please contact me for pricing.

Cell Phone:  843-457-9461




Oct 162013

I have known Jessie since he was knee high to a grasshopper almost.  I have taught him.  Hung out with him.  Watched him grow into a fine young man.  I love this kids for so many reasons.  Not the least of which that he is truly a family oriented, sweet compassionate kid.  He is wicked smart, incredibly talented.  I am going to be so excited to see where he ends up in life.  I am sure we are just beginning to see the likes of Jessie Strickland.  He is a world changer.


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Oct 142013

I met Haleigh last year during a regular school shoot.  I was instantly drawn to her beautiful smile.  She just lights up a room.  Haleigh is in the process of deciding about colleges.  She is so funny and full of child like life.  When we were shooting the senior day it was all she could do not to start climbing trees I think.  I have grown to love this sweet girl and her Mama.  Best of Luck Haleigh in all the adventures God is taking you on.



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Oct 102013
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Oct 092013

I have known Carleigh since she was about 11 years old.  She had grown into a lovely young lady, full of life and creativity.  She loves music and dance and aspires to a career in film making.  She is considering USC as a college choice as well.  She brings a sweetness into each situation I have seen her in, quick to help anyone.  It has been a joy watching this beauty grow up.  Best of luck on all your future endeavors Carleigh. 

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Oct 082013

It has been amazing watching this young women grow into who she is today.  I have known her for several years.  Emily’s passions revolved around the magnificent creatures she rides, trains and teaches other people to ride.    I will never forget the first time I was photographing her inside the ring as she literally jumped over my head.  This dark haired beauty had complete control of that huge animal.  She is truly one of the sweetest young ladies I have hand the honor to teach and know.  It is amazing to know a young person who is as certain as she is about what she wants to be.  I will be excited to watch God grow her further into the women he has called her to be.  Love you Emily!


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Oct 042013

Sweet McKenna just lights up a room.  She is strong and beautiful and full of energy.  She just makes my day a little brighter every time I get to be with her.  She is a perfect reflection of the kind of caliber young lady I am proud to have represent CK Photography in our community.


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Oct 032013

Beautiful Brady Parker

 2014 Socastee Senior


I have know Brady for a long time, she was one of the kids on our ministry when she was in 7th grade.  I have watched her grow into a beautiful young women.  She is sweet and kind and full of joy.  Everywhere she goes she just brings joy with her.  she is deciding between Coastal Carolina University or Columbia College where she will pursue a career in Sociology.  That seems fitting for this sweet compassionate girl.  I am so proud of you sweet girl!  You were a beautiful CK Senior Model for us.


Jul 052013

Some of you know me as a wonderlust.  I often say, if I ever won the lottery I would bless everyone I could then I would pack my bags and my family and start traveling.  There are so many amazing places to see and things to experience in this world.    I have  a “bucket List” a mile long.  This amazing river in Columbia is Call Caristales.  Enjoy these magnificent pictures and I challenge you to resist the urge to put your toes in this amazing river.  God is so a brilliant creator!


The river, world famous for its colorful display, has been called:

“the river that ran away to paradise”,

“the most beautiful river in the world”
and “the river of five colors”.

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Jul 042013

The Fourth of July, or Independence Day, celebrates the anniversary of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence in 1776. It’s a national holiday, celebrated with everything from flag raising ceremonies to backyard barbecues and fireworks. To celebrate our nation’s birthday, here are a few fun facts you may not have known about the 4th of July and American history.

5 Fun 4th of July Facts:

  1. What animal did Benjamin Franklin supposedly prefer as the official national bird over the bald eagle?
    Benjamin Franklin is said to have wanted the wild turkey to be the national bird but was outvoted by both John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, who chose the bald eagle, a bird of prey native only to North America, as the official bird of the United States of America.
  2. How many hot dogs are consumed, on average, at barbecues on the Fourth?
    The 4th of July and barbecues go hand-in-hand, so it’s probably no surprise that over an estimated 150 million hot dogs are consumed in the United States each Independence Day. Break that down, and that’s roughly one hot dog for every two people in the U.S.
  3. What year was the 4th of July first celebrated at the White House?
    The first recorded 4th of July celebrations were in 1777 on the one-year anniversary of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence. The first 4th of July party held at the White House, however, wasn’t until 1801, when it was held by President Thomas Jefferson.
  4. Why were the stars on the original American flag arranged in a circle?
    The 13 stars on the American flag were arranged in a circle to represent equality between the original thirteen colonies. Although there were several versions of the early flag, including one with the stars arranged in vertical lines, the “Betsy Ross flag,” which depicts the stars in a circle, was the most popular.
  5. When was the 4th of July declared a national holiday?
    Although the anniversary of the Declaration of Independence has been celebrated since 1777, the 4th of July was not declared a national holiday until 1941. The 4th of July wasn’t referred to as Independence Day until 1791.
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