Jul 052013

Some of you know me as a wonderlust.  I often say, if I ever won the lottery I would bless everyone I could then I would pack my bags and my family and start traveling.  There are so many amazing places to see and things to experience in this world.    I have  a “bucket List” a mile long.  This amazing river in Columbia is Call Caristales.  Enjoy these magnificent pictures and I challenge you to resist the urge to put your toes in this amazing river.  God is so a brilliant creator!


The river, world famous for its colorful display, has been called:

“the river that ran away to paradise”,

“the most beautiful river in the world”
and “the river of five colors”.

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  • Leigh Eagerton Westraad

    It looks a lot like the Fairy Pools in Skye. Which I will be putting my toes in SOON! <3