May 292013


She sweetly calls him Hutchy.  That is the cutest thing.  He smiles broadly when he hears her say it.  Jim told me while I was photographing him that she was his best friend, and his eyes teared up.  Deana wiped tears away as she read his sweet facebook post on the day of the wedding.  It was so much fun meeting Jim and Deana and sharing in their special day.    When they called me I knew immediately we were going to click and I was going to really enjoy my time with them.  They laugh easily and enjoy each other so much.  There is something so beautiful about a love like theirs.  Something utterly blessed and true.   It was so sweet how emotional they both were throughout the day.  Their event was intimate, filled with the people they love most.  Each little detail has meaning to them.  It is beautiful to find love that becomes your forever.  Thank you Jim and Deana for allowing me to share in this special day with you! 

Apr 112013

We are thrilled to share this special time with Erica and Curtis.  We want to help this young couple as they start their lives together.  Please help them by sharing this post and helping us put together something really beautiful for their wedding day. 

Feb 282013

As I have been working through the healing of a broken foot, I have had more time than usual to study and read and sharpen my photography skills.  Sometimes when I get really busy I let my ongoing education fall to the back burner and get stuck in a creative rut.  Well, tell a photographer she has to be off her foot, literally for 2 months, well what do I do.  I could pound my fists and get made or, I can use this time to study, learn, teach and re-energize my creativity and my business.  one of the forums I love is  On this forum you can not only learn a lot but you can engage with other professional photographers who have thriving businesses.  You can get critiques of your work and take classes on building your business.

I really love learning from other photographers and stretching my abilities as far as possible.  I want to continue to provide fresh ideas for our clients.  Check out Chic Critique for some great ideas and great education opportunities that are really affordable.

Just for fun see below, at least I picked a cool color and have sweet friends who will paint my toes to match the beautiful purple.



Dec 042012

One of my favorite things is when I develop a relationship with a family and get to photograph them yearly as their family grows.  I met Vickie several years ago.  They were in Myrtle Beach for vacation and I photographed their families when their kids were really little.  Over the years we have developed a relationship that goes beyond photography.  Vickie, Scott and Hudson are sweet friends I have grown to love.  I got to go to New Jersey to photograph them this time.  I am so grateful for your friendship and look forward to many years capturing your family in pictures and watching you all grow.  Here are my sweet friends.  <3