Oct 102013

I met Heidi and Ty several years ago shortly after little Addy was born.  They came to my home for newborn pictures of their little one.  I remember the worry and wonder on their faces, so careful, so completely in love with their new little one.  Over the years I have photographed them each year as sweet Addy has grown.  Have you ever met a couple that just emits a kind of energy, or maybe chemistry that always makes you feel just on the edge of their beautiful secret.  A pair that has that something, that thing that people cross oceans to find, men have gone to war over to capture, women have mourned forever once lost.  That is Heidi and Ty.  They have weathered many a storm in their lives, but, always, that mysterious beautiful connection binds them together in love, in life, in faith.  They love, truly, deeply, intentionally and I am so blessed to capture these moments in their lives.   When I catch him looking at her, or her glancing at him, there is it, that sweet knowing smile.  Addy and Ethan are blessed to have parents who love like this.  Passionately, beautifully.   They truly are two halves brought together in the a union that only God can truly create and make whole.  Congratulations on your new little one Potter family.  I love you all!

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