May 292013


She sweetly calls him Hutchy.  That is the cutest thing.  He smiles broadly when he hears her say it.  Jim told me while I was photographing him that she was his best friend, and his eyes teared up.  Deana wiped tears away as she read his sweet facebook post on the day of the wedding.  It was so much fun meeting Jim and Deana and sharing in their special day.    When they called me I knew immediately we were going to click and I was going to really enjoy my time with them.  They laugh easily and enjoy each other so much.  There is something so beautiful about a love like theirs.  Something utterly blessed and true.   It was so sweet how emotional they both were throughout the day.  Their event was intimate, filled with the people they love most.  Each little detail has meaning to them.  It is beautiful to find love that becomes your forever.  Thank you Jim and Deana for allowing me to share in this special day with you! 

  • Melissa Amaon

    Beautiful! You both look so happy and the narrative at the beginning is so sweet! Enjoy each other!